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HR Document Box - Laptop - Smartphone - Tablet

Receive important documents digitally and securely

The HR Document Box enables your company to deliver documents to employees easily and in a secure way.

Payroll, certificates and more can be accessed by employees around the clock from anywhere – even outside the company network.

HR Document Box - Laptop
HR Document Box - Laptop-Smartphone

Would you like to use the HR Document Box in your company?

Regularly recurring documents such as timesheets, incentive pay or commissions can be sent to employees effortlessly and reliably. With this HR software, HR documents that need to be created rapidly can also be sent to employees in seconds. They can then access the respective document from their smartphone, tablet or notebook.

Good to know

The HR Document Box can also be easily connected to the aconso Digital Personnel File.

HR Document Box - Dashboard Smartphone

aconso AG, headquartered in Munich, is the inventor of the digital personnel file and market and innovation leader for cloud software in HR document management. Since 2001, the aconso group has been setting new standards for a digital HR department with its vision of fully automating HR processes. aconso enables HR to focus more on the company’s most important asset – the employees.

Security is the top priority for aconso AG. aconso AG expressly distances itself from data evaluations and document analyses. We assure you of data protection in accordance with German data protection guidelines. Your documents are stored in encrypted form in a data center operated in Germany. Access to your HR Document Box is protected by a secure login. We encrypt your documents as soon as they are stored. This means that not even aconso AG itself can access the contents of your documents.

Your documents are provided to you by your employer. Your employer alone decides how long these documents are stored. Therefore, please contact your human resources department.

The HR Document Box is your personal digital mailbox. Only you have access to your documents. Your employer and aconso AG have no access rights.

You can access the HR Document Box anytime and anywhere. Your documents are accessible 24/7 via www.hr-document-box.com. Whether traveling or after a move, with HR Document Box your documents are available to you securely, regardless of location. Changing the device is also no problem.

You can view all documents that you have received from your employer in the HR Document Box centrally in your account at www.hr-document-box.com. To do this, you only need to log in with your login data on this website. Since this login is not tied to your employer, you can continue to use your login data when you change to a new employer who also uses the HR Document Box.

Do you want to register as you have already received a key letter from your employer? Then please use the link in the registration e-mail.


Please note: The HR Document Box is only available to corporate customers and their employees. Registration as a private customer is not possible.


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